Munyaradzi Gerald Nyakwawa

Digital Finance Practitioners of Zimbabwe

Munyaradzi Gerald Nyakwawa, representing the Digital Finance Practitioners of Zimbabwe is passionate about financial inclusion and is extremely good in one thing, helping fintech start-ups grow. He helped EcoCash grow and was recognised as a sprinter by the GSM Association. Currently Head of commercial services and Fintech at MoneyMart and helping MoneyMart Finance to be the most digital MFI in Zimbabwe. At MoneyMart he is  committed to the sustainable development goals global agenda to end poverty in all its forms. He helps develop digital financial solutions to fight financial exclusion and energy exclusion. He has helped develop unique, well researched financial solutions to address the needs of financially excluded entrepreneurs as well as solutions to provide energy to energy-poor households living off the electricity grid in rural areas. He believes there is always a digital solution for all. 

Munyaradzi heads the commercial services wing, within which lies the FinTech arm of MoneyMart Finance. As a unit leader, he has led the business to over 900% sales growth in the first six months of joining the organization.

Prior to joining MoneyMart, Munyaradzi worked with COMESA Business Council (CBC) as a consultant and produced “The Business Case for a Regional Digital Payments Policy for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises MSMEs in COMESA” – A Digital Financial Inclusion Plan for MSMEs. This is a study that is leading to the development of an Instant and Inclusive Payment System for MSMEs in the COMESA region. He is the current Chief Association Executive of the Digital Finance Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe. An association of FinTechs and Digital Finance practitioners which advocate for digital financial inclusion. He is also a Digital Finance lecturer at the National University of Science and Technology – ZAMFI program. He started out as a credit analyst for SME business within the banking sector. He was with the largest mobile money operator when they launched until he left in 2020. During that period, he won many individual awards in his region. He believes financial literacy is the bridge between financial inclusion and sustainable financial inclusion. He sat on the Board of a renowned MFI is Zimbabwe and chaired three committees


Munyardzi is a writer, blogger and publisher with some of his articles having found space in local newspapers.