Kagisho Dichabe

Chairman of the Fintech Association of South Africa

Kagisho Dichabe is the Chairman of the Fintech Association of South Africa (FINASA) – with a core strategic focus on digital inclusion (financial, telecoms, health, educational & property) for Africa, Her People and their businesses (especially informal). He will represent FINASA on AFN’s board. His passion is achieved by empowering the unbanked and unconnected People with digital platforms that enable them to participate in the much-needed digital economy in the townships and rural areas.

Kagisho advocates for “the new way of doing things” and ensures that the South African fintech ecosystem is advocated for, especially regarding regulatory and compliance requirements. He was one of the core Design Team members, and now sits as an Advisory Committee member, for the newly formed Payment Industry Body (PIB) set up by the South African Reserve Bank and the Payment Association South Africa (PASA). He is also a co-Founder of a fintech platform, mojaPay, that focus on the unbanked and underbanked individuals and businesses; and a founder of Kaya Konekta – an Internet Service Provider focusing on connecting the unconnected in the townships, by providing them affordable data