Joelle Sow


Joelle Sow, the General Secretary of SENSTARTUP, will represent Senegal’s fintech ecosystem on the board. Joelle is a seasoned Consultant, Facilitator, and Ecosystem Builder, known for her excellence in managing and facilitating complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives that drive meaningful change. With 26 years of experience spanning Europe, international arenas, and more recently in Africa, Joelle has contributed to consultancy, management, coaching, advocacy, project/program coordination, implementation, and support for startups.

Her expertise is widely acknowledged in the realms of startups, private and public sectors, and within international organizations. Currently serving as the head executive at Senstartup, the startup association in Senegal, Joelle brings agility, intercultural sensitivity, and a deep respect for confidentiality to her roles. She excels in addressing sensitive and complex issues, fostering positive synergy with experts, partners, governments, and politicians, thereby offering a diverse range of experiences.