Dr. Abderrahim Hansali

Morocco Fintech Association

Dr. Abderrahim Hansali,  the President of Morocco Fintech Association, has been nominated by the association to serve on the Africa Fintech Network board. He has a Doctoral degree in Economics and Management from Hassan I University – a Graduate of the Higher Institute of Administration of Rabat and ENA of Paris and Associate of Electronics and Industrial Computing of the Poitiers Academy. He is currently a Research Professor at the ENCG in Marrakech and a consultant in digital strategies and change management. 

He began his career in 1997 as a founding teacher of preparatory classes for the BTS in Morocco. After having been a researcher at the National Agency for the Regulation of Telecommunications in Rabat for the implementation of a quality management system (2007) and Auditor at the General Inspectorate in the Ministry of Finance National Education (2008), he was appointed Deputy Director & National Coordinator of the GENIE Program within the same Ministry (2009) where He helped set up the National Laboratory for Digital Resources. 

Since 2012, he has been teaching and doing research in management sciences at the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech. In 2014, he set up the MOROCCO DIGITAL FOUNDATION, a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting digital strategies and promoting a digital culture.