Our Key Objectives



Provide wider market access across Africa in a seamless manner for fintechs and tech-enabled innovative products.


Explore innovative technology transfer and export beyond Africa to the developed world and other emerging markets.


Foster multi-national/cross-border fintech policy and regulatory frameworks and engender a coordinated collaboration with the rest of the world.


Support the achievements of the African Continental Free Trade initiative and Agenda 2063 of the AU.


To engender a coordinated collaboration with the rest of the world.


Unify and channel Africa fintech initiatives toward producing solutions to drive indigenous creativity and innovation aimed at proffering timely, tested, affordable and indigenous solutions to Africa’s peculiar real-world challenges.

Our Goal

Connect Africa and the global community for open dialogue, to build synergies and creation of various opportunities in fintech.

Our Vision

To promote innovative technologies and support deployment across and beyond Africa. In addition, to be the leading voice for financial technology (fintech) and related technologies in and for Africa.

Our Vision

To catalyse the development of Africa’s Digital Economy and inclusive socio-economic growth throughout Africa.

Impact of Connecting Africa Through FinTech Associations


It is expected that the Network will contribute to making Africa a leading global Innovation Hub. The Network will also promote Africa as a preferred investment destination thereby creating employment opportunities, contribute to fast-tracking access to basic financial services for all, and generating wealth among others.


Member Countries


Fintech Associations


Fintech Companies


Festivals Held