Innovate Together. Advance As One.

Africa Fintech Network

Unified. Collaborative. Enabling best practice across Africa. The Africa Fintech Network brings our continent’s fintech leaders, organisations and stakeholders together:
  • To exchange ideas and information
  • To promote and support the creation of innovative technologies and their deployment across Africa and beyond
  • To pursue excellence in all our collective endeavours and leave no member behind

Africa Fintech Festival

Our annual Africa Fintech Festival enables a best-in-class convergence of ideas, innovations and debate across key issues including consumer protection, reg-tech, disruption of savings, credit, insurance and pension value chains, borderless operations, non-traditional partnerships and game-changing business models.
Africa Fintech Network (AFN) is a platform that unites Africa fintech leaders, organizations and stakeholders through their country associations to exchange information and ideas, promote and support creation of innovative technologies and deployment across and beyond Africa. The network also serve as a platform for advocacy and coordinated regulatory interactions.
Our Goal
We aim to connect Africa and the global community: to enable open dialogue, build rewarding synergies, and create new and exciting opportunities in fintech.
Our Mission
We strive to be the leading voice for fintech and related technologies in and for Africa, to promote technological innovation and support its deployment across and beyond our continent.
Our Vision
We seek to catalyse the growth of Africa’s Digital Economy and consequently the continent’s socio-economic growth.


To unify and channel Africa’s fintech initiatives into producing timely, tested, affordable and indigenous solutions to the continent’s real-world challenges
To nurture and facilitate multi-national/cross-border fintech policies and regulatory frameworks
To enable seamless, cross-Africa market access for fintechs and innovative tech-enabled products
To engender coordinated collaboration with the rest of the world
To explore innovative technology transfer and export beyond Africa to the developed world and other emerging markets
To support (and capitalise on) the achievements of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and Agenda 2063 of the AU
Member Countries
Strategic Partners
Fintech Festivals
Board Members

AFN Executive Board

Dr. Segun Aina
Noha Shaker
Vice President
Alex Sea
Vice President
Zianah Muddu
General Secretary
Papa Mbaye Dieye
Andrew De Kock
Michal Syzmanski
Olivier Mugabonake
Hohete-Berhan Arefeaine

Strategic Partners